Community Service in World Refugee Day

DAFI team and students conducted one social activity during June. As 20th of June marks the World Refugee Day, a cultural event was held in the United Refugee Center, URC, by DAFI students. An aggregate number of 17 students: 12 females and 5 males participated enthusiastically in the activity. The event aimed at introducing the DAFI students’ culture to the host and the refugee communities as well as demonstrating the cultural diversity in the DAFI program. During the event, DAFI students were divided into subgroups according to their nations. Each corner of the hall was allocated for one nation, where students presented their unique cultures through doing variant things. They wore their traditional outfits, brought some pictures and objects of their famous landmarks, prepared some delectable dishes of their typical food, and introduced people from all walks of life to their civilizations and history. Mr. Fahd, one of the event attendees, commented, “As we passed from one corner to another, we got overwhelmed by the cultural variety all found under one roof.” He continued, “moving from one corner to another felt more like traveling from one country to another. The activity enhanced refugees’ inclusion and patriotism. Anas, a DAFI student from Syria, said, “Today I felt included in the host community more than any time before, especially when people leaned about my culture and liked me the way I am.”