Community Service in Orphanage

DAFI team and students conducted one social activity during July. A visit to The Orphans Care and Rehabilitation Center was paid on July 31, 2018. We had coordinated with the center’s administration to buy some vegetable saplings and seeds and plant them in the orphanage field. The center, which is not as much supported by the government as before due to the country’s fragile economy, would certainly benefit from this activity. This boils down to the fact that in a short course of time, the seeds and saplings would grow, and the orphans would take advantage of the harvest through consuming it and selling the excess, which would contribute to the center’s economic self-reliance and sustainability. 19 Students: 11 females and 8 males participated enthusiastically in the activity throughout the morning period, cultivating the field as well as planting the saplings and the seeds.